This gym is wonderful. I walked in knowing 0 things about Functional Fitness, and I hadn’t worked out consistently in years. It’s been about two months since joining and the staff and fellow members are the perfect gym environment. I’ve lost 20 pounds and have loved every minute” 

– Christina Doolan

“Being an athlete my entire life, playing almost every sport created, and serving in the military has afforded me the opportunity to train, practice, and play all over the world. This is the best training environment I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of.”
– Joshua Chansley

“I started at BUILT 6 weeks ago and since then I’ve lost a little over ten pounds and 2% body fat. My health has improved tremendously!!! The community and coaches are amazing that I upgraded my membership to unlimited. They listen to your limitations and always have alternatives. If you’re looking for a local gym to gain strength and improve your health this is the place!”
– Nelly Medrano

“AWESOME COMMUNITY! It truly feels like a family. I just finished my 8th week and the results are amazing. I lost over 10 pounds and 6% body fat at the end of my 6th week. Coaches are great, friendly and welcoming. This is the first time in ages that I did not feel like quitting. I enjoyed going to the gym three or even four times a week. I did not have to drag myself there bc I would always be excited to see what the workout would be for that day. Awesome people! I recommend this place 100%!”
– Gloria Garcia

“We tried several gyms in the area before choosing to make Built our home. The quality of coaching and tight knit community stood out above all the other gyms we’ve tried- plus they have AC!! I’ve worked out here through an entire pregnancy and now postpartum; the individualized attention I’ve received has been so helpful in working out safely and now getting back into shape.  LV is an amazing coach, with lots of energy and knowledge. Members are helpful and welcoming. Functional Fitness can be intimidating, but this gym has a nice wide range of fitness levels and they are excellent at tailoring each work out to your needs. I’d recommend this gym to anyone looking to join a box in the area.” 
– Chelsea P.

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