What’s the Built ATX Difference?

Built ATX is MORE than just CrossFit

All Levels Welcome:

  • Private Fundamentals to ensure proper form, safe movement, and reduce the risk of injury.
  • A Coach for Life system, which will give you access to a personal and private coach for the life of your membership.
  • Personal fitness, nutritional, and life goal setting and keeping.
  • Regular body composition testing and monitoring using our state of the art Body Metrix Ultrasound Device for additional
  • Built ATXFit Bootcamp Class developed for those who just want to get Fit without the barbells.
  • Specialized Programs: endurance, yoga, strength and more.
  • Olympic lifting, power lifting, and sports specific development and training.
  • Care: You have your own personal Coach! It is about YOU walking away knowing more about YOU, your body, your mobility, your abilities. We are Built ATX care more about YOU, your FORM, and your health. We help build a plan based on your needs and goals. We offer Private Beginning Sessions so we can get to know you, your body, your strengths, and weaknesses. First Class is Free.
  • Personal Programming:The most successful programming in Austin! Programming is thoughtfully planned, and very goal oriented. Members walk away with Personal records weekly!
  • The Built ATX Environment– Caring Coaches and encouraging Members. Our coaches are highly trained to focus on your form and movement! Members are so encouraging throughout workouts. Whether you are a Beginner, Advanced, in shape, out of shape – EVERYONE walks away with confidence, excitement, and RESULTS!
  • Air Conditioning and Heat

Curious to know if you have what it takes? The Answer is, YES, you DO have what it takes! Anyone can do CrossFit, especially at Built ATX located in Oak Hill next to Via 313 in Austin, Texas.  You do NOT need to be in shape, in fact, we will help you accomplish all of your goals and get in shape FAST!

Why Built ATX

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 When you start at BUILT Gym ATX, we ask that you really soak up the nutrition aspect, as Fitness is not only about physical health, but nutritional, and emotional health! Nutrition is responsible for about 80% of one's goals!

The Better Human App and the Flexible Eating Blue Print is exactly what you will need to jump start towards your goals.

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Link for Android: http://bit.ly/BHAbyBUILT