To Get Started in Austin CrossFit with Built ATX, if you are new to CrossFit then your first 1-on-1 session is FREE, if you have experience your first class is Free! For Austin CrossFit You MUST Contact one of the coaches at Built ATX to schedule your FREE intro.

If you are interested in getting in the BEST shape of your life, while having fun, meeting new people, and discovering what your body can do…you are in the right place! Our Non-intimidating environment, helps you achieve goals you never anticipated! And the best part is you have  A COACH FOR LIFE here at Built ATX! Your own personal coach will guide you and help you program the workouts to YOUR abilities!

For those of you who are brand new to Built ATX, the Austin CrossFit we go through a 1-on-1 Training Process to help prepare you for group classes. Here you will learn everything you need to learn from mobility, to strength, to proper form and proper modification/scaling techniques, and nutrition to name a few. You will be guided through the nine fundamental movements we use in our classes. With a strong foundation in the basics, you’ll be ready to jump right in with our group CrossFit classes in Austin classes upon Graduation!

If you have been doing CrossFit for a while you are free to jump into our classes. One of our experienced coaches will assess you to determine if you will need some 1-on-1 foundational classes.  Should we feel as though you need some extra love and care, we will advise you accordingly to your abilities. We are sticklers on form here at Built ATX which is a good thing. Many of the movements we do are complex and taxing, moving with the best form is a non-negotiable!

Austin Built ATX is for all! We modify, scale according to YOUR abilities! What separates us is our ability to directly program for YOU and your needs. You have a coach for life here at Built ATX and with that we are able to tailor the workouts for YOU.  Depending on your goals, we have an array of memberships available to you to meet your needs. Get Started with CrossFit in Austin at Built ATX with a Coach for Life.



  • There are 0 barriers to entry, we will work with anyone!
  • There is no physical prerequisite, come as you are (no rush p90x program beforehand needed)
  • For people who are completely new to CrossFit we offer you a Coach for Life – personalized Foundational Classes that will introduce you to the main movements, get a good work out and get you 100% prepared for group classes.
  • Do not be intimidated by ESPN commercials we are experts at scaling workouts to any skill level.
  • You will be challenged AND have fun all at the same time!


To Get Started with Austin CrossFit at Built ATX just click to schedule your FREE session! You may also contact us at or 512-593-1190

Check the class schedule and fill out the form to the right and we will contact you.