Facility Features

  • 2,000 Square Feet of Functional Fitness and CrossFit training space.
  • Kids lounge (unsupervised)
  • Wall mounted rig
  • Full custom made pull up and squat rig
  • 5 Squat Rack stations
  • 1 Olympic lifting platforms
  • AgainFaster barbells
  • Hi-Temp and Again Faster bumper plates
  • And all the additional gear and equipment needed for CrossFit / Functional Fitness training!

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 When you start at BUILT Gym ATX, we ask that you really soak up the nutrition aspect, as Fitness is not only about physical health, but nutritional, and emotional health! Nutrition is responsible for about 80% of one's goals!

The Better Human App and the Flexible Eating Blue Print is exactly what you will need to jump start towards your goals.

Link for IOS: http://bit.ly/BUILTbyBHA

Link for Android: http://bit.ly/BHAbyBUILT