Graduate Prepared For Group Class

We make sure you’re prepared for group before you step foot into it.

Nearing the end of your Fundamentals time, you coach will review with you all of the key movements you have learned.

They will also discuss with you what a first day in group will look like and go over all your options on how to handle workouts that contain movements that are beyond your level.

Ready To Join In The Fun?

Are you ready to find out more?  We understand every situation is unique and every one has different goals, so we like to discuss this each potential client individually and privately.  Follow this link to get more information from one of our professional coaches today!

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 When you start at BUILT Gym ATX, we ask that you really soak up the nutrition aspect, as Fitness is not only about physical health, but nutritional, and emotional health! Nutrition is responsible for about 80% of one's goals!

The Better Human App and the Flexible Eating Blue Print is exactly what you will need to jump start towards your goals.

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