• Follow the Code of Fitness 2-3 x’s a week or even 4-5x’s a week for advanced athletes
  • Clean Eating
  • Play Sports
  • Get out in Nature at least once a week
  • Embark on an Adventure at least once a year

If you follow this prescription to a great life, you can achieve anything. Built ATX is not about the “temporary” fix, but rather long term health and fitness.

why crossfit python


The Built ATX Difference is our dedication to YOU, our Member. This helps ensure we teach CrossFit in the safest, and most fun manner! At Built ATX you’re not just another faceless number on a whiteboard. We designed this gym with the goal of creating the most close-knit CrossFit community around, while at the same time providing our members with top notch coaching and programming. Our goal for you comes in three parts:

Goal #1:

 Provide a Coach for Life.  We will provide the best, most up to date coaching techniques, philosophy and practices available. Along with Coaches who care about YOUR growth personally mentally and physically!

Goal #2:

Turn you into the best athlete you can be and help you achieve YOUR fitness goals. Your very own Personal Coach will modify/scale and program specifically for YOUR needs!

Goal #3:

 Provide you with a facility to not only help you get in shape, but where you can feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

At Built ATX, we not only focus on the physical aspects of CrossFit, but also provide a support structure designed to help you become a confident athlete and achieve feats you never thought possible.


Train you in a manner that achieves the highest level of General Physical Preparedness or (GPP). While being able to deadlift 1000 lbs is certainly impressive and no small feat, we argue that being able to deadlift half that amount in greater volume while still being able to run 3 miles at a 6-8 min pace is not only more important, it is more conducive to daily life.

CrossFit at its core is designed to prepare us for the unknown situations and challenges that life will throw at us. If history and life experience have taught us anything, it is that being confronted with the unknown is not a matter of “if”, but rather “when”. Thus, we have endeavored ourselves not only to prepare you for the unknown that awaits you, but also to equip you with the tools and GPP so that you can succeed and ultimately win.

We are not going to sugar coat things for you. For the question of “can I achieve the unimaginable” the answer is simple…ABSOLUTELY! However, this comes with one caveat: achieving the unimaginable takes hard work and dedication, but you won’t be going it alone. Your teammates will be right beside you slugging it out and sharing in mutual hardship. The magic behind mutually shared hardship is what forges unbreakable bonds, camaraderie and holds you accountable. This is the same philosophy used in the training of our military, elite special operators and public service men and woman.

At Built ATX we train, equip and empower people to become athletes from all levels of fitness and all walks of life. We don’t subscribe to the notion that you must to possess a certain level of fitness, before trying CrossFit. From those possessing high levels of fitness, to the most sedentary among us, young or old, prior injuries or not; Built ATX gears itself to meet your variety needs and pushes you to realize your fitness potential.

Nothing of great value was ever achieved without hard work and dedication” – Anonymous


In layman’s terms, CrossFit believes in doing full body and full joint movements performed at *one’s relative* maximum intensity in a myriad of configurations.

People often confuse this with “Doing as much crazy stuff as insanely fast as you can”. This is absolutely not the case at Built ATX. All of our clients are put thru a thorough Fundamentals process with their Coach for Life. Once showing proficiency in movement and a keen understanding of the process, they will be released the doing Group Functional Fitness classes.


As a training system, CrossFit is and has turned the fitness world upside down. Year after year, they work tirelessly to dispel fitness myths and introduce sound training concepts and methods that have disrupted the industry.

Make no mistake about it, functional fitness is here to stay. There is simply no more effective training system that can make a massive fitness impact on both professional athletes as well as grandparents who simply want to live longer.


As the years have gone by, we’ve come to realize that while CrossFit is a core part of what we do, it’s only a part of what we do. Our clients enjoy much more than is offered at your typical CrossFit affiliate:

– Private Fundamentals to ensure proper form, safe movement, and reduce the risk of injury.
– A Coach for Life system, which will give you access to a personal and private coach for the life of your membership.
– Personal fitness, nutritional, and life goal setting and keeping.
– Olympic lifting, power lifting, and sports specific development and training.

The video to the right is a quick breakdown on this philosophy. Check it out!


At Built ATX your Coach for life will build a plan for YOU!  Your Coach for life will prepare you for the small group classes. Upon graduation, your coach will guide you with a plan of action with goals so you can succeed and see the BEST results in classes.  Our program provides the personal attention that is needed in order to succeed in group classes. After graduation, group class membership is like it’s having personal trainer at a fraction of the cost with of course providing that optional monthly, or yearly tune-up!

Working in a group will challenge and push you to achieve your goals faster than you thought possible!

As part of your membership you will receive:

  • Impecable Coaching/Training
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Goal Setting
  • Social Events
  • Results driven programming