Built-Fit is a functional fitness program that focuses on building conditioning and strength. Using High Intense Interval Training principles, our core focus is to increase your stamina and endurance while building your strength, structure and power. This program is for all levels of fitness and can be modified for the all curious beginner to the ultimate athlete. There are no prerequisites for this class.

Built-Fit will:

  1. Get’s you Results – quick
  2. Boost your self confidence
  3. A lot of FUN – Feel energized after class
  4.  Zero Intimidation – Anyone can do this, and everyone is welcomed with open arms
  5. ZERO barbells
  6. Not your average Group CrossFit class – Built ATX-Fit will push you to your limits and encourage you to be your best to get you RESULTS and FAST! It also helps correct imbalances and strengthen core which will make you a better CrossFitter too!
  7. Teach about Goal Setting and achieving
  8. Help you be your best every day
  9. Our First step to getting into the CrossFit classes!
  10. BUILT-Fit has 6 Week Challenges – get your very own Coach, meal prep, accountability, measurements before and after, and accountability to help you see REAL results! To get more info, email Lv Johns at lvjohns@builtgymatx.com.