• LV Johns Head Coach

    Coach LV has been a life long athlete and fitness enthusiast. She began her love of sports and fitness at the age of 13 playing lacrosse. Coach LV continued to play women’s lacrosse through her high school years and eventually in the NCAA.  After playing lacrosse at the college level Coach LV moved to San Diego and found her second passion…coaching. LV went on to become the head coach of the Carlsbad High School Women’s Varsity Lacrosse Team.

    Within her first year in San Diego Coach LV met her husband Will, a Force Reconnaissance Marine.  She was incredibly impressed by his abilities to adapt, improvise, and overcome.  Inspired, she began training and working out with him and his friends.  As she was very competitive, she would often go on runs/races with Will’s friends to show her hubby that she could “hang” with the guys. A couple years later Will was introduced to CrossFit and became a certified trainer on his base.  In 2009, after seeing her husband’s amazing results, LV began her Crossfit journey.   She lost 15 pounds, became stronger, faster, and was astounded that she was able to do more than 5 pullups after being an athlete for many years and never able to perform one.

    Not only is LV a dedicated leader at Built ATX but she is also a mom to a 3 year old son.  Having overcome the challenges asssociated with an unprepared C-section, LV is confident in her ability to inspire others to achieve their seemingly unattainable fitness goals. She believes that the CrossFit methodology makes going to the gym something that people WANT to do as opposed to something they HAVE to do.  Her love for this sport, caring for others, and joy derived from other’s success is ultimately what has driven her to start Built ATX with her husband.

  • Will Johns Head Coach

    Will has been a fitness enthusiast from a very young age. While growing up, Will participated in sports like baseball and football, to outdoor activities like hiking, hunting and camping. Will enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at age 18 and spent the next eight years of his life fighting the War on Terror. After 2 years as an Infantryman, Will tried out for and passed the rigorous selection process to become a Force Reconnaissance Marine. During Will’s time in the special operations community, he tried many different workout routines in search of the best fitness regimen for the “tactical athlete”. Will realized one day, during a training mission, that the “tri-athlete fitness” routines he was used to doing, were not serving him well in his assigned profession. Although Will could move long distances quickly, he lacked the explosive strength to lift and firemen’s carry a 230lb teammate, with a simulated wound, covered in body armor, from the living room of a house to an awaiting medevac vehicle outside. Thus, began Will’s relationship with Crossfit.

    In mid 2006, Will participated in his first Crossfit workout, with a few of his teammates and instantly realized that Crossfit was the exact type of fitness regimen he’d been searching for. CrossFit’s programming of constantly varied, functional movement and consistantly striving for workouts that are, broad, general and inclusive make up a fitness regimen that is not only perfect for the tactical athlete but the average person trying to achieve lifelong fitness habits. Within a few short weeks of doing CrossFit, Will immediately began to see results; a stark contrast to other fitness programs he has done in the past. Will was not only becoming stronger, but also becoming faster, harder, and more explosive, all of which are invaluable tools for a special operator. In 2008, Will attendend the Crossfit Level 1 trainer Course, where he became a certified Crossfit instructor and spent the next couple of years training and instructing special operations and infantry personnel from all branches of service.

    In 2009, Will married LV and introduced her to CrossFit. After 8 years of service, he transitioned from the military to public service.  Will and Lv now have a 3 year old boy and look forward to his future growing up with the Built ATX community.

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